• Conquest Mode

    Conquest Mode is a game mode where two teams fight to capture neutral bases as well as an enemy base. When the game starts, kill points of both teams will start to decrease. However, when a team has more bases captured than the other team, the rate of decrease in kill points will be slower than the other team. On the other hand, if a team has less number of bases, then the kill points decrease at a faster rate than the enemy team.

    "One of the following two conditions must be met in order to win: A team can win when they have captured all bases, and the enemy team has no base to respawn from.When there is a set time limit, the team with more kill points win after the given time has been fully consumed."

  • Capture the Base

    Capture the Base match begins with a neutral base in the middle. Both Derbaran and NIU teams respawn from their bases, and when any of the teams first capture the neutral base, the team occupying more bases changes to a defending team and the other team becomes a challenger. The defending team can win the match when they have successfully defended their bases for a certain period of time. Therefore, the challenging team must take over the base within the given time period.

  • Individual Death Match - One Man Army

    Everyone fights each other until a person gets a certain number of kills and wins.Depending on the number of players in the room, small or medium size map can be selected.

  • Bombing Mission

    The goal of this match is to bomb a selected area.Derbarans must install the bomb successfully, and NIU team must prevent the Derbarans from exploding the bomb in the designated area. Players can install/defuse the bomb by pressing the ‘F’ key. Both teams’ fate will be decided within the 3 minutes and 30 seconds of mission time.

  • Team Death Match

    In a Team Death Match, a team, which gets a certain number of kills wins the game. Players can respawn and enter the battlefield again when they die. Up to 32 players can connect to a War Rock game simultaneously, and players will be able to experience more excitement and intensity than any other FPS games.

  • AI Mode

    In AI Mode, users fight against Bots with AI. As a player kills more bots, higher points and rank can be obtained. Kill as many bots as you can and aim for the highest points and rank!